Monday, December 31, 2012

Mon. Dec 31

Just another Monday.

/tf  - already rising to first fib level retrace.  and HIT.   828.1

50% fib is 829.50   --- next target. 

starting to accelerate premarket. 

fiscal cliff probably passes... and we get megarally.

and 829.50  HIT.    that was easy.

831 is 61.8% fib.   

/YM - long tail -- this was a PERFECT TOUCH at the 50% retrace line.  Look at this chart

/ym  the power of fib retracement levels


/tf  passes 831.   premarket.   Deal must be on.

and retrace starting.

For 2013:


 Just something to think about.

So  /tf hit 61.8 and retraced back to 50%  -- that's pretty typical.

AAPL strong.....

/tf:  double top  at 61.8 fib -- and back down.   
/tf  - stuck at 50% fib.  

/tf  834 -- blast off.    looking for full rainbow now  835.70.

AAPL 2.5%       squeeze action.

advn-decn +1100    not a day to short without clear triple top.

AAPL  +17  on fire...

IWM broke TL -- may consolidate and really hit new highs end of day -- dangerous day to fade.

/tf    837.8 -  consolidating  ..  advn-decn over 1000+   drift up?

1465 advn-decn  /tf -- rush to 841  booooooom!

/zb  -- sinking  / confirming action.

advn-decn +1600   crushed it.

/tf  fast reversal after surge. 

/zb -- new lows -- we're not dropping today.  No sir.

/tf - double top - drop on Obama speech.   /zb new lows....

grind up Trend Day in my book.  Seen this so many times.

advn-decn 1684 --   MASSIVE POWER on buy side.   Going into new year....  nobody wants to be short and have to hold thru New Year and 1st day of year surge.

Market Signals -- clearly showing Trend Up - -no surprise as /tf grinds past 843   (844 target now)

advn-decn  +1800 now....

watch out for these  'outside standard deviation days' -- you 'll make 90% of your huge gains on 10% of the days.  The weird days are the ones to watch.

844 prints  - - 3 PM !

past 845    tick  1100 plus --        Major Day.

5 min - long tail prints  --   845ish -- TOP ?   /tf????     single indicator - not reliable.

yep - -the 5 min doji candle is High of day...  walking it back down now...

advn  +2000   might be epic AH movement too.

+2153  advn-decn -- HIGH -- unstable at this level but .... when isn't it?

/es  surge to 1425 ah.  
/tf new highs ah.

advn-decn nearly 2200.   Never ever fade signals like that -- only buy dips.

Big Signals mean - hold the winners  -- look for the big days and capitalize.  They come around more often than you think. 

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