Tuesday, December 4, 2012


/cl -  drops to  sup. 1  premarket.

/6e  touches 1.31

market strong but now giving it back

/tf settling at 820ish.

/zb reverses to green.

bounce again --  /6e  - small dt  at 1.31

/cl - long tail at support 1:  small bounce.

/6e  new high 1.3105.

XHB strong.   /es may be stronger than ppl suspect.  good #s by TOL. 

/6e  -- another 5min reversal candle at 1.3109 high.   Crushing stops.

/cl  new lows.     

Seems like market is ALL IN  one way or the other.   /gc  also plummets under 1700.

long /cl - puke double bottom -   5 min TL break + small double bottom - entry:  looking for 50% FIB retrace of morning drop.

KEY:  must be patient with winners to pay for the losers.

/tf chopped - then ran to touch 50% retrace from last 2 days -- on long tail -- and that was the obvious place to short.   Choppy action but daily chart extended -- vulnerable to retest of lows.

Market Signals strong though -- will be a battle of shits.

/cl  - nailed the bottoming action -- ended up being over 110 tick bounce -- MUST HOLD LONGER with WIDER STOP --  winners must be big to pay for losers.

 /tf  -- down to 814.60 now covering -- up 20 ticks.   High vol. candle -- squeeze back.

/tf - indeed - the double bottom pattern -- leads to slow grind then a pop.  Now nearly 35 ticks from entry signal.  Like lifting 2x week heavy -- only need 2 entries a day to hit it on /tf  or /cl

/tf -- so -  from double bottom - rips to 821+  nearly 70 ticks off low -- then fades slowly.  These key entries can pay for the entire day. 

We're seeing fast moves based on political news/rumors -- don't expect proper topping patterns.

advn-decn  -200 but /tf  green  -- divergent action -- can do anything.

99 ma ribbon up /tf -- this is still a buy dips until a short pattern emerges... grinding on shorts.

shorting the double top on /tf --  stocktwits all bullish -- but I just follow charts.  Fuck your opinion.  Or mine.

No move AH -- just dip then pop --  all sloppy because  Fiscal Cliff is binary event -- entire market trading like a biotech.  Have to look for ranges and fade the long tail extreme moves.

Did not execute well but I did limit my losses.  Frustrating.

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