Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday Dec 18:

got short /tf on 5 min long tail candle at 8:35 est.

and covered for 17 ticks near  gap close.  Prior to that 5 min candle , /tf had made 3 touches at 836 -- establishing clear resistance.

Nat. gas strongest market.

May want to look at XCO, DVN, APA

/tf  touched a fiblevel at open -- now pushing to the 836 barrier.   STRONG STRONG  signals.

entry after fib-touch lead to 100 tick Trend Up day.

836 touch. 

10 am housing data in 3 min:

nearly 838 --  /tf is a pig today --

RAX, GMCR, FOSL, AMZN,  leaders.

nat gas  names pushing. 

TROX another 10%f

advn-decn +1000  runaway train.

+1153 --  5-sigma day?    this is going to be huge.    Dow only +50 still.

/tf  new resistance is 841.70ish. 

+1300 advn-decn -- MONSTER day.   shorts that don't recognize what's going on are being destroyed.  You NEVER get SHORT early on a day like today -- if at all. 

advn-decn - slides to 1200....  /tf  841.2 high...   all this on rumors??? wow.


imagine... fighting this

/tf 842 -- looks weaker    advn-decn still +1100     how can you fade it?  Still massive Trend Up Signals.

/tf 844.3  --- and there you go.   Trend Up means higher and higher.   "Too high" is your mind messing with you.

So perhaps -- big movement days - view the day through 5 min candles.  When tight range, switch to 1 minute.

double top 844 -- but too Trendy to fade.

ah: expecting push on low volume.

advn-decn  +1450 at the close --   844.50  /tf  The Power of the Market.

Hedge funds going to eat a lot of fat turkey this year.   Everyone else can suck it.

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