Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thurs. Dec. 20

/tf 845 to start -- bounce now p/b

data at 8:30 and 10:30 today.  Watch for that.

/cl   - nice 60 tick move from 5 am start.

/6e bounced back up.

/gc - CRUSHED.   some kind of liquidation.  Why I never trade this -- acts crazy and then no reversion to the mean.

/cl -- fast 70 tick swings.

/tf - drop / bounce to new highs

IWM - very extended on daily --  no support up here, but in an uptrend... lots of indecision = wild swings.  Therefore: pays to be responsive.

note: Nearly all successful traders I know trade ONE MARKET.  Or at the very least, one market at a time, then possibly switch to another one and FOCUS exclusively.  Nearly all failed traders flit around, trading several markets simultaneously, thinking one or the other will offer a better reward.  It's much more 'exciting' to trade this way.  Excitement and consistent profitability are mutually exclusive.   So figure out what you want fast.

/gc - note  3 bump bottom finally after touching 1647.   See if it holds all day.

market weak.

advn-decn  negative.

/es - tech.   touched o/n lows -- ramped to o/n highs -- to the tick.   In the box now.

wild moves -- shows indecision. 

advn-decn +600     strong underlying bid despite a lot of red from tech. leaders.   confusing.

Good housing data came out.  Financials/utilities ??? are the leaders.    /tf  pushing to new highs....

sp  green  / dow, naz red -- so tricky day but still managed to get really small moves on TZA  2x!  for small small profit.  

Have to be willing to take responsive entries when you see this scenario.

fighting the flow -- some kind of bad habit.... I don't get it.  Ignoring what you see...

The price for overthinking is expensive.

/tf   851.2  surging on advn-decn  +800 internals...

ewi, ewp  up 8 days in a row.  Funds pushing for the highs to close the year on low volume.

end of year holiday week -- rules are different.   Bulls in control  (except for stocks I like).

/es - double top to new highs... duh -- internals were obvious.  Can't short.

/tf - close at highs ---  

need to rethink everything.

5 min timeframe seems better suited.... I can't be flipping for peanuts.   Need to see the big targets and hold for them.

/tf lines of support clear on 5 min candles

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