Monday, February 11, 2013

Feb 11:

8:57:  /tf double top - resist 913.7 -- drops 20 ticks.

/gc -- huge plunge to new lows under 1650.

/cl down.

Daily is in uptrend but we have to room to consolidate lower -- forma rising TL.

ASGN, AOL, KORS strong.

nat gas, oil, gold tsla, miners weak. 

/cl - fast dip to just under last WED lows -- and 40t bounce.  That was a good support area after the stophunt.

/tf  -.08% not giving up much.

/cl - bounced drop again, same with /gc.

/tf - 912 - midzone

9:56 -- bear continuation signal

AD -400      churning --  /tf  forming a base...  but bear flag?  or bounce?

/tf - breaking TL  intraday

11 am -  algos kick it to /tf 910 retrace.

/cl: stop hunting recent lows, then highs

/cl  - note areas:  classic.

XLF - strong as bull --  over 10 day --  carrying the load.
currencies strong
SMH strong.

chop mode --   terrible time -- midzone /tf

1 pm:  /gc breaks TL  -   intraday.

internals do not support /tf -- nothing here but noise -- 10 tick moves.  No  areas of concern.  No good trade location.

Long GDX -- this IS a triple bottom coinciding with /gc  TL break.   -- easy .30 stop.

short /cl -- double top and TL break -- risk about 16t.

/tf  -- value area here 910 forming... so nothing to do. 

AD -580
zb strong

intraday bears mostly in charge.   but many pockets of stregnth - balancing...  at 910

FOSL  ---  today it's SQUEEZE 'EM HIGH.

short /tf -- stop 6t.

internals weakening  - 1:50  stay short /tf

bull signal  out /tf  for 1 tick... woot.

and pop! :)

/cl - nhod -- triple top break.

/long /tf --   Bull Signal  /tf break 910

/tf  911 -- long tails. ...   good strength into close --  

Best trade of the day was 8 am -- seeing the resistance area form -- and getting in with 10 - 15t stop. 

Know your support/resistance areas.

Correct play means you're done by 10:30

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