Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Feb 13:

long /cl - on break of O/N - TL range -- instant 17 ticks rip -- as expected.  Great read.  Easy call.  Risked 9t.

/zb - major double bottom -- need HOURLY candles to see it from several days back -- this might bounce... but markets firm again.

will /cl top out at 8:30 again?  seems way too obvious the 3rd time round.

/gc -- touched the TL and died -- ridiculously obvious.  Stayed up at that level for nearly an hour before nice plunge.

/tf - rising new highs premarket.
/cl spike and retrace.

/zb -- still stuck at the double bottom area. 

CLMT -- gapping up on ER -- not surprised --chart is tremendously strong....   obvious.

LO - nice beat -- HUGE dividend --gapping up.

LONG /zb  -- 142.19 -- on  double bottom -- RESPONSIVE ENTRY.   bounced immediately after entry.  Wow.

big vol.  /zb candle -- too 6 ticks. 

38 ticks for the day already -- what an improvement.

/gc - BREAKS  3 DAY tl -  UPSIDE.   needs to base -- but bulls back in control.

/cl -  breakout - 98.24 almost a given -- too obvious?  I don't think so.

/cl -- still ripping past 8:30 - -shift.

daily charts uptrend --  buying all dips on strong names.   Don't Stop Til You Get Enough.

/zb  nlod -- bang bang bang.  longs are dead.

AD  +1000  strong..

tick drop -
/tf   testing low again already... hmmm..  9:47

AD 670

/cl - on the sup. line

/tf - -whipsaw back to highs --

internals predicted this -- too strong
AD 700

euro ETFS -- back in bull mode --  STROOOOOOONG!!!!!   above 10 day ma

TL - -expecting 920  /tf  target.

920 - ding at 10:21

/cl - pops on data
/cl - and TANK  10:39   fast

/tf - 2nd attempt past 920
AD 900  supportive.

short 919.8 --   9t stop.

out /tf

43 ticks total today -- great patience.

Very calm - -feeling no emotions at all.   Pure chart action.

AD  800
chopping time til 11:30

/tf -- sharp drop 917

that entry at 920 -- when it looked so strong -- WAS THE SHORT.  The worst place to enter emotionally is almost always the best futures trade.

/tf the top was in days ago - the line is the line

Needed ONE HOUR candles to see the line.

/tf  915.7 - reversal to red.

Internals support lower down to TL support line -- it's not here.

short /tf 917 --- descending TL   6t stop.

AD +400
stopped  -6t

midday -- worst time to do anything.... no action.

/short /tf  917 --  intraday wedge break
Bear Signal


HAS TO BE -- HAS TO BE A WINNER HERE.  yes yes -- great job -- this trade was an absolute GIMME -- it was small but 99% chance of winning -- just had to wait for it -- and it was that clear.


/cl   70 tick drop to resistance - - -   AAAAAAAAAH.

covered /tf

55 ticks total --

AD almost zero

/tf  nlod.

Market Signals  say LOWER....

looks like a good place for bounce-- but signals say dead cat -- even lower.   2:37

really good reads today.

Worst mistake was seeing the /cl break perfectly and not taking it for 70...

AD  negative!!

915  /tf -  nlod!

UD -- crushed -- going lower..

/tf 915 - holds 3rd time - bounce back
signals bullish.

/tf - near the opening print...        snooze it

AD 260

3:45 -- looks like bulls still win.

IYT - new highs...

Well - this was a good day.  Leaving early.  Don't ruin it. 

You don't have to sit here all day to be a good trader.  You just have to bring your A game every time you sit down.  (That's a quote from me.)

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