Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wed 6th

Well, if I'd woken up at 5 am and gotten in the /tf short...

my day would be over by now. 

Overnight sessions often deliver the easiest fastest trends... which setups up for a horrible day session now... starting with gap down zipper grinding action.

BIIB strong.

/tf -- full rainbow to Tues. lows ---

/cl also full rainbow to low from weeks ago. 

eliminating  choppy, volatile names and stocks under $15 really helps focus -- and avoid getting into most traps. 

/tf  8:40 - thru ystdy LOWS -- nlod. 
/es 1500 test
/tf  under 900 with heavy vol.

/tf -- 900.7  bounce starting
/zb  bearish  xover.

rules:  need a bottom pattern to get long.   small double or triple.   Too early.

/tf,  /cl
5/34 xover --  /cl  -- 20 ticks so far ...

since these xover are counter to daily trend  20 ticks or so would be target...  assume Daily Trend rules...  counters will fade.

9:45 bear signal

9:48 bull signal....    chopper.

DECK  -- in and out  for 26ticks.   saw the strength, bought the strength...  easy, no heat.

/t f-- double bottom then 5/34 xover -- missed this  for 20t.

short /tf -- straight TL break -- because I am going with the flow -- I don't need a 5/34 xover (will be too late) -- 10t stop.   once again, this was not a Main Plan trade -- making up your own rules.  No xover = no profits.  It looked really good but  -9ticks is reality.


10:01 -- AD  topped out at -500  flow is down.

/cl -  bullish xover  after o/n drop.

10:08 bull signal  - push

AD - nHoD


/tf  nHoD -- gap filling grind up

/tf -- popping -- stalling... 

10:30  BEAR signal.

SHORT /tf  -- 903.1   5/34xover    Bear Signals.    10t stop.

/cl -- keeps climbing though.

stopped /tf -- too tight?    not quite a xover yet.

/tf  nhod

/cl -- ripped 130t off bottom....   and I saw this 100 ticks below xover.

FSLR -- thru 20 day MA --   break out.

AD  +67
/tf 906.5  - -rainbow....

read the charts,
your opinions are worse than worthless -- they betray you every time.

/cl --   so much better  -- 200 tick swing!   need to keep mind open about /cl 

AD  nhod

AD  +109        shorts on fire.

/tf  908!  - chart says so - all the way to o/n highs..

the chart is dumb but it always chooses the correct path.

AD  272

/zb - bullish xover  12:27  -- market has topped out at this time recently.

12:29   5/34 bear xover  /tf

looks like i'm wrong....  fighting the trend even way up here against resistance -- market has strength.

AD, UD - nhod -    I'm wrong.

PANL, FSLR, NFLX, MNST -- short squeezes

/tf    2nd  5/34 xover --   despite it all.  

1;02 -- TICK   nlod

and out for the day.

3:35 -- so it dipped, then new 5/34 xover for another 40 ticks...  fun easy /tf  If you let it swing.

/tf - takes out yesterday's highs -- that's the plan -- set off the stops....

Fat trends...  5/34 xovers paid out.

/tf wide range - takes out highs EOD

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