Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thurs 14

/tf - drop to 5 min TL touch

/zb --  beautiful technical bounce - perfect double bottom 142.09 -- and nearly 1 pt retrace to resistance.  Overnight.

/gc - also double bottom - perfect and nearly 100t bounce.

/cl - sloppy chart.

/gc plunges thru triple bottom -- stops crushed.

/zb  dives back down
/tf crawling back to top.  CLAIMS DATA BULL SIGNAL

short /tf   917.6 - TL break
/zb - recovering with gold
IBD names mostly red.


target is 26 ticks - but could be a break down for even more.

europe weak  -1 to 2% down -- could see deep test.

strong dollar.

Correct entry was responsive near 819 - forming the triple top TL /tf

/tf premarket entry short. /zb strong

Get in on the resistance area - the TL break gives up more than 10 ticks.

There's some kind of need among many traders to make this process far more complicated than it is.

/zb - climbing

out /tf -   +9t  -- in general, opening can spike hard... sloppy.

AD  -1000

we can drop.

/tf 919 -- pushing anyway - jesus.

screwing it all up somehow...  

short  /tf  10:20 --  5 min. TL break
Market Signals bearish turn.

DTV, DECK -- out of both - made some $$

short  921 --  no signal but risk is 6 ticks.  

stopped -- that was not a good trade.

short 921.8  

AD divergence --     1 hour - top of TL --

/tf -- doing this with a NEGATIVE  ADV-DEC RATIO --   fucking impressive.


/tf - break and backtest -- now DOUBLE TOP pattern.

AD -300


/tf - TRIPLE TOP now.   11:53

12:21 - short tf  8t stop --   on /zb breakout s

12:50 - bear signal

UD - nhod -- sets /tf to new highs -- I was wrong today.... biased... and being biased is always wrong.

short 923.2 -- wow  nailed it ---

1 hour TL.

HUGE BEAR SIGNAL  1:23   we  have GOT TO DROP.

/tf -- 1 hour chart shows how it keeps reaching for new highs and keeps making support lines to springboard off of.

/tf: We're in the grind. Same game until it breaks.

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