Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feb 27:

rangebound going into 8:30 data.

PCLN - strong ER
VOD  strong

/tf 899 - testing top of range  901ish res.


ebay, amzn - below 50 day.

/es-  just touches ystdy highs - reverses -- PERFECT TECHNICAL PLAY.

/6e - double top at ystdy high - another perfect technical top.

AD  800
Vix  -4.5%

/tf - RAMPS to 904 --   stop hunt.   overhead daily MAs -- room to climb...  strong IBD names.

IYT, XLF, XHB strong.  

/tf pushing -- internals pointing -- bulls control

AD 1100  whew --  shorts on fire.

AD 1250 --    HUGE
AD 1400      bear rallies are the strongest...

massive trend up day ---- 

tried to buy LO -- it was weak.  What's my rule?  Buy strength

bought a weak stock, with entire sector weak. 
DTV -- meanwhile this was strong -- acted strong - and paid off.

AD  1500
UD - nhod

UD - nhod 11:46
AD 1500

triple top /tf  but no divergence

/zb green

/tf -- Bang    910  nhod.

AD  1600 -- really?  think a short will work?

/tf 910...   massive day
DOW 131

over 61.8% fib retrace from 2 days ago -- good place to die.

/tf - 30 tick p/b  -- within minutes....

DECK -- weak last few days into the ER....  have to assume it's going to be terrible.  But still holding 50day MA --

bot TZA because ... lost focus.  No signal.  no reason to short.  Lack of discipline is expensive.

All 'gut decisions' will fail.  That's not a plan.  The plan is the plan.  Everything else is wrong.

AD 1650
DOW 168
UD - nhighs all day long
/zb new lows
VIX -13.5%

basically everything I did today was wrong... somehow.  Impressive.  I could make so much money doing the opposite of what I do.

Dow 195 --
new highs...   outperforming... large cap industrial.

Tight stops will kill you just as much as wide.  Can't trade afraid.

DECK red...  bad ER coming?????    smells like it -- seen this before. (SIMO)

LOW TICK OF DAY  3:42.  ???

-- 3:45 - this was the time to fade --the Tick called it -- 

short?  ????  

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