Tuesday, February 26, 2013

feb 26

AD 1200 strong

UD strong.

xhb, kre xlf strong.

but market in correction mode.

first attempt:  long /tf    11 tick stop:  9:52

+41 ticks for the day -- on /tf at 10:05 -- well done.   Nailed the top, too.  Ridiculous.

IWM - -failed EXACTLY at TL -- on 5 min chart -- this is perfect Technical resistance level.

vix -7%

rth, euros strong
slx strong
xlf green
HD --  new highs.

IBD names mostly green...

AD 800

/tf  896 --fading

AD 500

fading hard -- testing  o/n lows?  will it hit?  (probably)

and yes  894.6  at 10:30 - ben speaking.


AD 100

/tf -- double bottom  --     support here.

/zb - new highs 11:07 --    downtrend confirmed.

UD - signals new lows coming   11:30 -- euro close -- bringing in sellers

/zb rising

/gc - -huge move up though.

out of /tf long

+56 for the day.

key to today's success is entering where it feels most uncomfortable -- but  being very aware of the support/resistance areas where you can take that risk and responsively enter.

AD  242 --   from -200 low of day

bounce back to the opening print possible?   IWM -- in downtrend -- will it test again?

YES -  898 -- opening print touches and fade...

AD 735 and TF pushes to 899

IWM - TL break...    bulls in control.

TLT - rejected at 200 day MA daily--- needs to base to breakthrough.

AD  834

/tf -- tests over 900... now 899

still solid.
Vix -10%

Very mixed day --

/tf  same price as  8 pm  -- last night when it gapped open.    FLAAT with a side of chop today.

Internals are VERY STRONG though.   maybe saving up for last 10 min. pop.


long /tf  - last time risk 10t.  

Internals powerful here.   Support is the opening print.

63 ticks total today.   stopped out for about 7 last trade.

incredible -- to do so well in pure chop.

Will post a chart later.  Good chart reading / observations.   Saw the market clearly -- took responsive entries.  

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