Monday, February 4, 2013

Mon Feb 4

gapping down.

most  euro etfs are breaking 10 day MAs -- these sharp gap downs are usually the way a major trend starts... always starts with a rush.

/tf already below Fri. lows 902

/cl  -1.15%  - test of Fri. lows coming

/es  below 1500.

most leader names red.

APKT -- buyout by ORCL.

selling GLF - on Barron's hype and ALXN -- raising cash.

NTT -- dividend payer now looks good.  Will add.

euro ETFs-- this is a huge gap down.  Big shift.
EWI gaps below 20 day. EWP down.  EWG -- still above but will test 20.

when going With the Trend, can take a straightline trend break entry.  When looking for countermove -- need the 5/34 xover full signal...  

GLF -- out 38...

10:03 --  MAJOR BEAR SIGNAL --    can't get clearer.   short  /tf
10:13: -- another BEAR SIGNAL           <----yes ---="" --="" -="" 5="" br="" day="" entry="" here="" of="" right="" the="" this="" was="">
AD  -1300

FSLR strong from below

/zb  new highs.

FTEK --  new swing up?   need to wait for close.

market signals say stay with short --   confirming.

solar best sector --  FSLR, FTEK

/tf -- broke new lows...  I covered.         why?  why would you cover here? with NO SIGNAL? with such incredibly weak readings?   why cover?

AD -1500
 UD  -100

no reason to cover  -- use stops....

puke candle - but signals confirm weakness.   10:47

/tf -- bounce to Fri. lows --   support?  or resistance now?
 looks like resist.

UV - worse
AD  -1500
/zb  new highs --

more downside -- correct to stay in short -- 

11:07 -- UV  new lows.... stay short....

market signals will guide you and the charts will give you the spots to enter.

/tf - working on a  xover but no pattern -- this is deadcat for now.

$VIX - nice regain of 20 day MA - from the bottom -- looks ready to rock.

TICK made a new HoD

/tf -  folding again --   UV  new lows -- stay short... dead cat

11:25 - new bear signal

AD -  nLoD  -1600 coming
UD - nLoD

/tf  899.6 - nLoD

new lows -- /tf

11:46 - bull signal  - TICK nhod

/tf - testing 900 again.  saw this little bounce coming.

/tf - still in DOWNTREND - stay short   no  5/34 xover   no pattern

UD - nlod  -- shorts in control easily.   No reason to play a bounce

-1700 AD

Trend Down Day --   simple.   Easy.


/tf  897 --   -1.23%   5/34 MAs never crossed -- smooth ride.

Saw this perfectly.   +4 ticks on the day instead of 75


TICK  bullish signal  YES - 20 ticks within 1/2 hour.

probably just deadcat -- no pattern   no reason to countertrade.

SIMO  already 2x vol. going into ER.  Chance of miss:  99.99%...     -4.3%  this will be a disaster... sigh.

/tf -- 5/34xover  at  12:26           yes - this is the time to cover - -there will be a chance to reenter later

UD  new lows...

all the Inverse short ETFs on my Screen Mover...   never see that like... ever.

This looks like   12:49 -- chop mode - -balancing a bit

AD  climbing
/zb falling
UD - getting worse though.
/tf -- 900  -- stable

TICK  100  / 200 bouncing range.

12:50 -  UD - huge BULL SIGNAL !!
UD - reverse - nlows -- sharp

UD nlows
AD - dropping

short /tf  5t stop
stopped --  was never a 5/34 xover plus we're in chop mode.

decided to take loss on SIMO instead of waiting -- 3x normal volume.  If it pops I'll be upset but this is sticking to plan.

still grinding back up.

TICK solid.

DECK rising again --   5%   strong.   Daily chart strong.

13:16:  bear signal  -- short /tf  -- xover
/zb - confirm  xover 5/34

/tf -  5/34 xover after triple top  1:31 --    DROP HERE?  GREAT S.S.

NOTHING HERE -- afternoon flat.

SIMO - new lows

GLUU -- even worse.

EDAP, FTEK, DECK, NTT  strong.

internals very weak --   /tf -- pennant formation --   loading up for a break.

short /tf  - break of pennant  -   3t stop - doesn't move   -- should have broken.

BIG TICK -  buy

tick  nHoD.

5/34 xover after pennant -- technically a long but Market Signals in TREND DOWN DAY  --   best do nothing here...

SIMO -5%  4x volume.  insiders know bad things?

/tf - slow grind up.

best to wait until 3 or 3:30  - these are the usual times the algos make a sustained move -- usually just chop when it happens early.

Bull signal at 2:58
/tf 901 - push.

AD -1660
doesn't promise for a strong close but   -.85% already,  Dow -100

tf 900 --   value area developing...  natural place.

DECK -- strong chart.   acting well

HAIN, ABMD - daily charts are fine and they went green.  Nothing wrong here.

/tf - one long grinding TL since Puke Candle low around noon.
AD -- nailed the low
UD - keeps sinking -- not helpful.

nice add on NTT -- holding strong.

short 899.2
/zb - b/o
/tf -- TL break
TICK drop
TICK flip  +600  trap?

stopped out --  trap?

rangebound --

Best action was morning to noon -- this is VPOC building....  no edge trading.

/tf - flip down
TICK -800 print.

Internals weak -- 898...

AD -1762 new low....     weak.
UD new low
/zb  break out

should be lower....

TEVA - green by a penny.

took 11 ticks... still finished just green /tf -- despite it all.  Hard to lose following signals.

-1000 TICK
-1800 AD

UD -- dropping all day was still a good tell   /tf would print new lows at the end.

FTEK  +4%  2x vol. ???

Easy trade was at the open after the first little short squeeze.


weak ADV-DEC
weak U-D
weak TICK most of the day

 easy trend down day - -just had to wait for the double tops, and 5/34 xovers.

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