Friday, February 1, 2013

Febr. 1

/cl -  long tail hits O/N high stops --  TANKS   -- /cl - takes out O/N LOWS --   roundtrip rip

note  /tf -- could NOT take out the highs of 907.40 -- why did it fall short?  Seems weak to not go all the way.

FSLR - strong

/cl -- and that's a 100t swing -- wow.

long /tf --  5/34 xover

Internals  massively bullish.

could be trap --

Fri opex - is often RANGEBOUND -- if so - this is a top.    (why was I focusing on top?  Market signals were screaming bull)

GNC --    -5%  huge vol.  stopped out.   Wtf?  no news....

stupid idea -- why short /tf   xover doesn't mean shit with internals this strong.

/tf  909 !!!!!  ism data kills it --   Internals were callingit.

GNC -6.6% --   1.8 million vol.   wtf?

daily so overbought - but NO reason to short yet.     (good observation)

SIMO - -heavy vol, like GNC, breaks 20 day A

TL --  downtrend line formed   905 - 3rd touch?

/cl  roundtrip BACK to highs

somehow -- everything is a loser today. Just can't win.

Bear Signal

/tf     inverse double bottom and TL break --  nice bear set up.
no -   -15 ticks today....                                                            (somehow - I wanted to short -- this desire to go against the crowd is pervasive and almost always wrong)

The signals are the signals.   You either accept them or don't.

ud - super strong
AD - strong
TICK - solid

grind up  -- euro close in 7

simo -6%
gnc -7%
gluu  -11%

sad sad.

/tf  909.2 --  Signals confirm it all    AD  +1700

ESRX - over 20 day --  break  - strong

/tf  911

UV -- keeps climbing...    BUBBLE market rules.   You Don't FADE bubbles.

/zb also confirming.

UV  rising all day but

ADv-Dec was better at calling top of day /tf

15:30 -- bull signal --  TL break -- good for nearly 30 tick rip  to new highs  /tf  912  long tail.

ALXN  closing strong

(good for getting long around 15:34 -- the 5/34 xover -- I took it papermoney for 16 ticks and finished flat -- wisely sensing a top at 912 on the long tail.  Almost a perfect trade.  Was willing to get long an "overbought" market cuz that's the signal.)

/tf -- Market Signals were very strong - just needed to wait for a pullback and push and 5/34 xover -- and set a tight stop.  It came just before 11 and was an easy rip.  All futures trades should be instantly profitable if done correctly.

/tf Another face-ripper Friday

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff. I really like, and empathize with you, when you add your comments and keep it real. The 5/34 xover that you use, is it using SMAs or EMAs? Also, do you use this with other markets like es .... or just with tf? Thanks in advance and keep fighting the good fight.