Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thurs 31

/cl - short  97.58  on  b/d of flag.  15t stop.  

This is a classic pattern.  I think I would take this trade every time.  At least 50t R

/tf - 891 - testing O/N lows...

holding /cl short -- following rules.   Means .... doing nothing.

/cl - retests the b/d level -- now  TL break down -- this SHOULD be a swing move.

/cl - stopped out -- let 20ticks profit slip to a loss... egregious. 

-- key here was to watch /tf -- really turned up too -- so pocket of buyers pushed

reshort /cl --  think once again - the stop level was just too tight.   8ticks -- there's a reason for this.

got /cl covered on a steep dive.   +29t including the first 5t stop out.

/tf - bounces to green  893.5

UA -  up 5% 

/cl - problem is - there was no reason to cover.  Now 97.02 hit 96.96 -- that's 23 ticks and still trending lower.  

Almost always want to hold for stophunt under whole numbers....

/cl - and now bouncing back up --

shorted /t f--  on divergence Signals -- caught a nice one -- stop in the money.

/tf - stopped  +10t

short   tf   896.1 --  Bearish Signal ---  15t stop --  TL stop -- so early entry.   no 5/34 xover.

/tf -- triple top  pennant -- here's the pattern.

DECK - ystdy high -- touch.

WEDGE - /tf
may be  b/o...

IWM   HoD was ystdy low -- obvious.

Twitter -- down.  lol.

AD  80
TICK flat

898.5  tf

kind of bullish -- barely.  

TEVA - call buyers    ER  2/7
DECK  call buyers

short /tf --

internals break

covered  /tf  for 14t -- but should have held -- once again - emotions overrode the rules.  WHY???

45 ticks total  between /cl and /tf

Euro close in 7 min.   

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