Monday, June 17, 2013

3 main futures trades:

1.  Triple touch on a 2 - 5 day chart -- enter responsively on major TL touch for a big swing.

2. Wedge b/o -- going with the herd after decision wedge builds up.  Works when Market Signals are trending in direction of b/o.

3. Double bottoms -- these can occur out of nowhere.  Also responsive entry -- works if you are going WITH Market Signals -- but obviously - you are taking location and hoping it sticks so almost a countertrade entry.

If the entries are correct, the stop outs will be for 10ticks max and usually lowered to b/e half the time.

adv-dec  dripping all day after gap up open.

fake b/os and b/d today -- just a whipsaw midday -- market gaming the gamers.

ADVrl-DECrl --  dropping all day -- so no surprise it double bottoms and keeps going.   Direction matters more than value.

We only make money guessing direction correctly.  If we start high and drop lower - it's down. 

/tf: inside out day, near gap fill, sharp bounce to TL

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