Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3

premarket green.

A lot of bearish signals including Hindenberg Omen.

/zb keeps dumping.

Many strong drug names.


INFI -15% -- bad news.

DB 1.7%

super whipsaw action today.....

/tf touches the low of Friday to the tick -- runs 130 ticks straight up....  woot.

crazy day.

Note the clear TLs formed.   Don't play in the middle.  Play the locations.

Have to maintain a wider perspective to catch the synch.

1:15:  ad  -1230

This is trend down power.  Not seeing much improvement.

Euro etfs are green though... /zb falling off.

Some IBD names doing okay --

Need a key time -- might be a 3:30 run but not until end of day most likely.   Too much techn. dmg. on daily chart now.

WEDGE forming here....   very clear on 5 min. ch.

Missed the close... beautiful to see.

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