Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 19 - Wed, Fed Day

/tf - climbs to Tues. highs... forms triple top.

/cl over 99 -- massive uptrend.

more good news for BA.

ATRO raging on daily - aerospace.

When I see ppl predicting prices - I stop following  -- waste of time.

When I see ppl acting like doctors, diagnosing strength and sickness of the market via critical signals -- I am very interested.  This is what we are: doctors of finance.  We observe the patient and make our recommendations based on observation and then test to see whether the medicine is correct.

premarket chop near highs from yesterday... 

/tf fills gap - touches  ystdy close - bounce hard.

/ym now trading below ysty close.

/nq - strongest market.

/tf - FLAT  to the tick...      gonna be a snooze day until 2 pm.

/es - broke yesterday highs by 1 tick this morning before going it all back... red now.

FDX beat.

/ym - that was some wild sloppy o/n moves.  

VVUS????    in play for sure.

futures at ystdy close levels -- very flat... waiting on Fed.

VVUS in play.

nq/ym green

/tf  991.50 --  support hit - broke -- bottom?

internals getting worse..   stay out.

chart later.

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