Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10

tickers to consider:   THRM, WETF, OCN, LOPE, VRTU, SFUN, PERI, AMBA, LGND, CLMT

-/tf - just breaks  Fri  hod --

/es  breakout

/cl slightly lower
/gc  lower

Japan - 4% move overnight on stimulus... b.s.

DB 1.9%  -- big time rush.

GOOG, AMZN - -breakouts.

IYT - back through TL -- needs to confirm today.

note  /tf  >  /es -- RISK ON -- different than Fri. when /ym led.

/tf   target   996.1 -- since  1 HOUR TL  broke  premarket -- strength OOOZING out.

Missed a layup entry:

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