Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25:

/tf up .74%

China relief.

MPC, VLO - refiners strong ?

DDD, YHOO, TSLA, FSLR, GS, XHB  look solid.

housing data 8:30

LEN - gap up -    xhb solid now.

strong data --  dollar spikes....   /tf /es  pause....

VLO   2.55%
MPC 2.3%  - touched 200 day MA daily ystdy -

NOAH, YY --  china names off the bottomy bottom.

dow  109 pts. gap up start...

/tf - triple touch base  and now 42tick blast -- new highs   9:16

always triple touch kicks off the move.

/tf -- rip into open --  50t off triple touch.  

958.6 is the close from Friday.

rangebounding here -- have to catch the edges -- 3 touch lines

midday trading is simply suckish.  You're getting fucked trying to play this dead zone.

excellent strength - -/tf breaks   3 hour decision wedge

wedge break +backtest...   here we go?   12:44???????

choppy midday --

strong market but  daily downtrend holds it

Decision wedge building  /tf

breaks to upside....  internals support

AD 1700 rising ... stay on

ramp to Friday close -- and 1 tick shy.

Very nice day if you can be patient and wait for the setup.

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