Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12

futures up slightly after IBD announces 'correction mode'.

/tf  987 -- almost to yesterday HoD

/cl flat
TSLA, YHOO green
FSLR  down 6.3% offering?

CLVS offering - -2%
AAPL up slightly.

BAC  .76%

/tf .62%  not bad.

mortgage appl.  up strongly.   People refi ing to the hilt.

CTB  buyout $35/share -- another one.

TSLA  pt 118... sure why not?

premarket -- sloppy, no consensus, rarely synch as traders mostly watch. 

/cl did cleanly double top to the the tick 95.66   (66!) that's about it.

/tf forming TLd.

indecisive market -- may see a wedge form in first hour as market slowly makes up mind which way to slide.

/cl - takes out double top --  stop buster action -- nothing else.

strong: AMBA, BLOX, DDD, GOOG, YHOO.  

/es  perfect triple top at 9:06

The secret ingredient to CP is not the plan, it's the trader and his/her psychology.  It's you.  It's always been you.

Touched ystdy high at open....

filled gap.....   bounced.

RANGE -- just technicals here.  

Easy easy today.

brief moment of symmetry reveals all

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