Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 6, Thursday.

premarket solid.

Missed first entry - breakout of o/n flat range for 30 ticks...   not taking entries is expensive -- went right to 974 target and quickly reversed.   Perfect read.... failure to execute.  

/cl refusing to go down.

SODA rumors.

strong: cfn, ddd, tsla, aegr, clvs
DB  1.5%


healthcare names appear strong again.

tried a long 2x stopped
3rd time -- after TL break.

/zb sinking
IBD names strong  -- context is correct.

I think I just need to take a deep breath and pray.

Support/Res. levels have to be REAL LEVELS based on previous support. 

I will be cp starting today.

Early is wrong. Always.

I'm responsible for my own success.

/cl --  up 1% -- won't quit.

switched to paper trading after losses.

first paper trade: +18  of course.

2nd trade for 4   +22 on paper.

/cl ....   +47ticks on paper.


market dying.

What happens is noise.... noise .... noise... fuzzy... clarity -- MOVE --- noise... noise noise.  It's the moment of clarity -- because it has to happen and then you'll get the move. 

/TF: patterns emerge and then the path is clear, briefly

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