Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 4th. TUESDAY.

"uptrend under pressure" - IBD

/tf breaks the 5 min TL premarket -- after all, it's Tuesday.

I'm using more IBD sources to focus on strong stocks.

fnma -11%

strong: thz, ddd, kors, tsla, aig, gmcr, nflx, PERI, aapl, mnkd,

/tf just about to touch yesterday hod.  premarket power.

DB 1.9%
EWJ 3.3%
/zb red
/gc red
AIG ok.

I recently tried Dan Zanger's chat room.  It's okay.  You can get the gist of his advice for free just by following him on Twitter.  There's no magic formula for success.

once again drug names dominating the movers list.

INFI   +9%   after -39% yesterday.   defended.

3 pivots already...   Pivot Entry -- dynamic....  always shifting -- can't be automated.

got a few moves...

12:19  trouble, trouble, trouble.

/tf  nlod.

I think if I trade with 1 min candles until about 1 pm - then switch to 5 min -- it's better.  Stay focused but then -- need to take a slightly wider view as bigger sup/res. lines develop and show themselves.

/tf  into the 5 min TL --  1:21 - weird time of day.

ad  improves to -540

iyt, xlf red.   Seems like a fight to the upside.

No  5 min. base formation intraday to rely on.

/zb regains 5 min TL ....    another p/b coming.

PERI -- green all day

ad  -1000

/tf  977.5 --  sinks after TL touch.

-1148 ad

look for recent lows....  975ish.

PERI -- this is going to be a leader eventually.

 Look for synchronicty.  There you find the high reward set ups.

You could have predicted the bottom to the tick with Synchronicty

And intraday TL spots:

/tf: The bounce end of day high was 50% of day's range: perfect Fib
Location location location.

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