Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 13

/tf hits support overnight  -- same level as 5 days ago - TO THE TICK

reverses overnight -- back up/THROUGH yesterday close - gap fill and beyond to green now.

testing Tuesday LOW again which should be a very powerful resistance area.

shorted 972.4 -- 13t stop -- at major resistance -- blowing thru...  wow

and stopped.  Paper trading failure.

rule #1:  Can't trade premarket -- it can run too far on low vol.  Character is different.

972.6 now briefly acting as SUPPORT -- premarket - anything can happen.

need a structure to work with...

two types of days:  Range, Trend.

ad 400+
slx, iyr, iyt, jnk, xlf, rth green -- bounce day...

ad 1070   Squeeze -- going vertical.   Everyone leaned too far.

internals getting stronger - no reason to think fade.

Rules:  need 1 hour pattern minimum to  begin a trend worth entering.  Thus -- can't fade first breaks.

and 984.2 --  HOURLY TL HIT. 

through 990

why?  internals were insanely bullish and increasing.

xlf, jnk, xhb green at the start -- signalling underlying strength.

Clear trendline had developed over several hours premarket -- establishing clear buyers back in control.

No reason to second guess the market --  all trades are simply flo riders... until a stop.  You don't know and today -- it was simply all up...   just like yesterday was all trend down.... Pays to stay with trend. 

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