Friday, June 28, 2013

Jun 28

 internals mostly negative ....

was an entry premarket then return back near highs and again - drop to  yesterday's close -- so very inefficient.

half IBD names decent.

Gold dipped o/n but pushed higher --

end of qtr.  -- may see strength into weekend.  Friday opex...   too many reasons to stay high.

/es near 1600 - but above easily.

strong:  OAS, NTES, JAKK, AG, amba, rrts,

also:  XONE, SCTY, gmcr, fslr, mdso, gpor

ad 400
adrl: 100  dropping

tf 979 -- near triple top -- into the weekend   eoq push.

think shorts could get ripped up here...

TL intact   4 touches -- TICK solid.

2;42 -  BreAK === WATCH IT.


regains TL.

no 3 touch TL - hasn't been an hour.

end of day shenanigans.... wow.  

my 5 min TL trend follow system might have gotten you short 10 min. before el plunge-o.

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