Monday, October 12, 2009

got cautious:

Two things got my hackles going:

1) guy calls a Fib ratio at 1.61 since the March bottom.  Natural tendency for markets to cycle downward from here.

2) uber-Bear Tim Knight recently bought a bunch of long positions, frustrated at missing the March run up.  Even worse, he's just buying based on charts, so he's long crap like CROX.  Can there be anyone else later to the game than Tim Knight?  I really doubt it.

I sold AHC for small loss as my very knowledgeable brother-in-law pointed out the assets probably won't fetch close to what they would in a firesale.  I rushed into this one.  Like a fool.  Just not a greater fool.

3) Dollar is down and the markets still went red.  That's really a bad sign.  What happens when dollar goes up?

Overall though, making a mint on China smallcaps.  (LPIH +14% today)

So it's all good -- but I would watch out.  Not feeling so good being heavily long today.

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