Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Team On Top Of It

It wasn't a great day due to a certain blow up in AXPW.ob -- forcing me to exit for my biggest loss in weeks.  I bought AXPW.ob because I was following a tip not backed up by fundamentals.  Foolish.  The loss was less than 1% of my holdings but still hurt.

Fortunately, the gang that I followed, the China value people, have talked a lot about NEP and I've been sitting on a large position for a few weeks and today NEP was the 6th best stock on the AMEX and due for more gains.   So it was a good day.  I also did well with APWR which I charted as a breakout and it did fine.

It is amazing how well you can do when you follow a group of smart people and buy the best ideas.  I kept thinking I should add to NEP because there were three or four bloggers/posters I follow who all independently liked NEP -- when EVERYONE loves a good value stock that even I can see is understandably cheap -- those are the stocks that tend to do the best.  The more disagreement, the less so.

I also bought back a big position in CSGH.ob which might have been premature but this is still a profitable company.  I can understand it may not be the best idea because quite a few people I follow had reservations after today.  But quite a few bought on the big 20% plunge in the morning.

One name that everyone seems to like a lot now besides NEP is BSPM.ob.  I don't own much as I didn't like this one as much as NEP but I'm thinking it should do well.  My chart work is great lately.  For example I drew this chart of RODM this morning and it was dead on.

I also drew the breakout for APWR and have enjoyed the two day rally.  I think it goes even higher.  Oil prices are ripping to new highs.  There's no stopping it now that the dollar is toast.

It's just so much easier when you are working with a team than alone, even if that team doesn't know they are working for you!   Congrats if you hit it big once again.  I'm happy to work for you, for free.  Don't you wish all your employees were like that?

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