Thursday, October 1, 2009

red day / green stocks:

What's the bucking the trend today?

CKGT - up 2 cents.  I added a little more.  It's consolidating nicely.  And cheap.

AXPW.ob --  flat  -- might add more soon

CSGH.ob -- the king is up.  I'll wait.   I have 1/3rd my position left.

NEP  -- added back a full position today

GAXC.ob - up a penny -- at support I think here

CMLS -- flat -- not sure what I think, low vol.

ROIAK -- up  a nickel   on decent volume (for roiak)  -- might be about to trend up big time.

LLFH -- adding back my position sold around 5.85 last time.    Just got 5.35 and 5.15, bidding on 5.02.

I love how profitless AONE is up 10% today though...kind of funny.  Bodes well for XIDE which is not a bad entry at 7.70 but I'll pass for now.

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