Monday, October 12, 2009

Too Much Trading

Once again -- I did too much.

Took some profits in LPIH.ob for no good reason -- still have some but have already given up lots of profits by selling my best ideas.

Once you find a gem - you need to stick with it.  Now LPIH.ob -- which I think can get to 3 easily, is only at 2.19 and I've given away over 10,000 shares too cheap.  Stop doing that.

My other new China co,  CHIO, is also beginning to rev up.  I do not want to sell this for less than $3 share -- it's only .99 now.  Note to self:  Don't sell this cheap either.

When a stock has topped out -- there are signs.  I sold most of my CSGH and PUDA and CPBY look a little tired.  (I don't own CPBY.)   I'm also now watching CIWT.ob which is a low vol. play with no news but some higher volume came in today.

Despite being very cautious, today was a great day.  I can only imagine where I'd be if I weren't so afraid all the time.  Ha ha.  INSM -- my other value name, is acting horribly.  Well, you can't win them all.  The China stocks are on fire.  It's pretty clear where the action is.  The only question is when to get off the bus.

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