Monday, October 5, 2009

Terrible, Horrible No Good Very Bad Trading Day

Made a few entries.

bot STEC/FEED/TA  -- for quick trades.  Sold STEC/FEED for tiny losses... STEC broke out afterward.  Dumb.

I sold the GIGM I had bought at 5 for a .30 loss or so... lost faith again.  I still hold some in my managed account with a wider stop.

The PACR I bought is showing a loss. I will be stopped out soon.

I am losing money on INSM and CHIO.

NEP is turning into a big loss.

LLFH.ob -- I am actually up a little bit on this now... the only buy the dip play working so far.

TA rose immediately after I bought it.  I will hold.

I had mentioned CMLS and ROIAK a few days ago -- I sold them both for tiny gains.  Missing out on today's huge pop.  As I said -- I follow some of the best traders around... I just don't always trust them enough.

To top it off, I sold my ENDP this morning for a nice gain, but not as nice as if I'd just done nothing.  Fortunately I still hold some in my managed portfolio.

Overall, once again, I have done horribly with most of my decision making, but perhaps I am simply not being patient enough.  ROIAK/CMLS were great buys... but you have to wait, don't you.  Patience is a virtue.

My favorite China microcap now, LPIH.ob -- is of course, down on a rally day.

On top of all of this, I am feeling sick, probably swine flu.

I think I'll move to Australia.

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