Monday, January 14, 2013

14th: Notes

AAPL  down 3.1% to 504 on bad news.

/tf - up overnight but now -.22%

TASR, ZNGA, DDD, FB strong.
gold strong.  /zb strong.

Gold stocks on daily charts look bullish.

nat gas very strong.    Cold winter news.
amzn, goog, ma, ebay, red...    risk off.

/tf - almost full rainbow to 874,50  -  Fri's low.   Now 876.2

/cl - long tail - takes out o/n low -- bounces sharply -- drops / rips -- just hunting stops... no other reason for movement but to hurt daytraders.

/tf  5 min. dragonfly candle at 9:15 - might be a low...   875.5

dragonfly -- good for 25 tick bounce at open....   ah...  had to be willing to take a chance.

vix  2%  advn-+330   mixed.....     amzn  - huge leader.

/tf -- clear triple top -- ideal short  879.9  


-200 advn-decn --   very volatile.

/es - took out ystdy - lows stophunt --  could bounce.

/tf stronger than /es.

-200 advn-decn -- no reason to buy dip.      vix  3%   /zb strong.

/tf -- well -- dropped just below  opening range low -- stophunt then sharp stophunt squeeze --
Today is a Responsive Trading Day -- have to anticipate switches...  no trend.

advn-decn  -130  : not much to go on.   Algos will stophunt on low vol., no direction.

HAS -- dips to 10 day MA on daily chart at 36 -- curious if this is a bottom.

Mixed Signals =  no trade.

short /tf - on consolidation pattern and break.  advn-decn -200  - very tight range here.  low conviction after testing high/lows in 1st hour.

/tf   exactly  unch.  at 11:52 --   the opportunity was the first hour.  No need to sit here all day -- you can't turn back time after a missed opp.

slow markets:  switch to 5 min. candle --   See the sup/res. areas clearer -- and IGNORE CHOP

triple bottom TZA on  5 min chart:   nice base for a run now.

pennant forming -- complete balance at 877.50

/tf  breakout to upside -- here... or fake?  hard to tell.   Market Signals neutral/bearish.

/tf - now break to downside...  

advn-   -130  at 3 pm.   Dell rumors woke things up -- still chop in the middle.

advn -230    sellers slightly stronger.

DECK strong end ofday.  

Questions from Steenbarger:

How do you generate your best trade ideas?

* How do you manage risk most effectively?

* How do you manage positions most effectively to get the most out of trade ideas?

* How do you most effectively manage yourself and your emotions during trading?

* How do you prepare for market days most effectively?

* How do you best review markets and trading performance for optimal learning?  

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