Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wed. 23

No more anticipating.

Swings: over the 10 day MA first... then allow room for 20 day to hold - raise stops.  Some will work, some won't.  The winners, if you hold them, will pay for the losers.

Stocks of interest:

FSLR - daily chart.

/cl  coast to coast -- range-chopper - went thru  O/N high then low...   classic.

AD -220

profit taking

despite GOOG, IBM strength
AAPL strong
FB, NSC strong.

AD -400  confirm - hold the short  /tf  lower stop.

sold some DWA  17.26 -- target hit. 

TGH -  new 52-week high -- rainbow.

and IWM  back to green.  bam.

tried long/cl- broke TL --nowshort....

and it stopped me out --  amateur minute...

Once you commit to following the charts and your stops -- your fear and tension will go way down.

5 min charts: for big moves.

/cl -- broke pattern and dropped 130 ticks almost precisely to 50% fib retrace on 5 day / 5 min chart.  Here's what it looked right right before the waterfall began.  Tight consolidating triangle and then a b/o to the downside.

/cl: triangle consolidation then plunge after b/o

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