Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tues 22 notes:

/tf  slips to red.

pop to 895 o/n  now 889.5
/cl  -- mini triple top here -- short?

DDD, TSLA, FB, AAPL green.

RIMM, DELL strong.

XHB UNG  IYT strong    -- seems solid despite  /es  /tf red.

/cl - short 96  with 7t stop -- on TL formation  (quad bump)  -- huge R:R   (6:1)
     lower stop:  now 3t risk.

gold miners strong --- FCX reported +1.5%

stopped: /cl  -- was this a good trade?  lost 4 ticks.    b/o to upside.

/gc also popped.     premarket trading - thin vol.   easy to get chopped.

chop mode = looking for high tails -- responsive entries.

/tf  stuck at 890.

/cl   96.32 -- stophunt above o/n highs --  top of range here.

need to allow the charts dictate action, not opinions.

/cl strong.

VIX   6.5%  and market rising....  hmmm....

/tf red   /es green 

/tf -- new lows --  vix was right....    my short attempts were too tight.

AD  -130
vix  6.9%

bears in control.

/tf double bottom - and whipsaws back up.

responsive short  /tf  --  double bounce, weak AD and high VIX.   5t stop.

completely wrong all day -- in /tf   -23ticks. 

/tf -- and new highs - stophunt

/tf  894 -- 
AD +500

DON'T  anticipate the signal.  The signal is the signal.

anticipating a signal is a trap.

we're in a bubble -- there's no way to anticipate a top.  The chart is the guide.

AD +690  
/tf -- trend is up - no reason to anticipate a short.  

/cl --   5/34 xover  finally  -- 50 tick move if you played it straight.

895 /tf --   stophunt O/N high

/tf  895.5  - new highs...     +700 AD  keeps you long.

AD  800;   can't fight this.  Bubble. 

INVN -- strong.   call buyers

 anything NOT strong? lol

AD  900+

bubble market -- fun times.

+1100 AD
.74% /tf

/tf: bubble market: test of O/N low then TREND UP

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