Friday, January 25, 2013

Fri. opex day

AD +600  declining  from gap up...

DECK -- call buyers aggressive again.   daily chart swing long.

chop mode. 

AD  -60

/tf  898

some strength.

DECK --    immune to selling.   Buyers control it.

GLNG  strong.

FSLR  strong

AAPL -  broke again.

/gc  broke back.   2 for 1 sale.

/cl  breaking down as well now too.

still holding INVN because it's acting great -  huge vol.  institutions buying shares from retail profit taking.   Why let this go?

AD  350
/tf 903.2    IWM --  new highs almost... pushing...

nflx, pcln, sbux expe, gmcr, ebay, amzn, DECK

aapl -  yes it's cheap - but all teh buyers are short term buyers -- so they keep selling.  A base forms only because big, long term holders are buying -- so no reason to buy if trading today.

happy about buying DECK in the morning and some CSTR -- but did not hold CSTR. 

got long AAPL on classic  mini triple bump intraday  -- bottoming out ppatern.

99 MA holding
AD 330 --

no reason to short --   will just chop.

held AAPL for half hour - enough to buy an iPad.

sold aapl for +5  and it reversed about 30 secs. after....  lol.

cuz you know what makes sense

$16 trillion in debt

but we're selling off gold ....  lol.

Always check your higher timeframe charts -- you may catch an easy play. 

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