Friday, January 18, 2013

Fri notes:

focus:  let daily swing trades be swing trades.
             futures trades are futures trades -- focus on the process.  Forget about the results.

extended markets....

opex day.

premarket weak despite strong China data.

Consolidation day probable...

GE reports strong ER --  more good news.
INTC down big.

SNE - gap up after ystdy big day/bigvol. push.

/tf  flat --    going to be limited opp. today.

/6e - sharp drop on news - deadcat bounce.

/gc - jumps 1691 -- new uptrend emerging possibly on daily chart.

aapl under 500 again.

flat premarket is death -- chop city.   Avoid is winning.

strongest market:  GOLD

3 day weekend too -- who wants to be short on Tues.  morn?

CHOP day -- can't use 5/34 xover today --  no trend -- have to responsively enter  TL breaks earlier.

focus:  long gravestone/dragonflys after moves.

long  /gc  on TL break  1691.40   and out  for 21 ticks in literally 60 seconds...   9:17

-145 ADVN-DECN.   /tf  o/n lows...

long /cl  on triple bottom intraday  10t stop.

/tf  tighter range - tested lows, now highs....

feels like you can stick a spork into it...   slow... pinning already.

advn-decn near zero.

AD  -200    some sellers sort of... lol.

iwm  88 pin?   seems likely 

$VIX even lower...   lol.

long /cl  9t stop -- at 50% fib retrace - entry after Puke Candle.

/cl - stopped out -- this was not the plan.

/tf  back to green... lol.

$vix -7%  !!    /tf -- going for new highs  here...  don't stop believin. 

+300 AD. 

/tf -- double top -- touches ystdy high to the tick.

+374 AD --  Higher, higher all day long.

890 /tf --  .25%  --  ain't nothing but funny money, honeys and bunnys.  Don't know what that means.

IYT red, xlf red... and yet.... new highs /tf    don't question the charts...  just leads to headaches.

AD  +734     CRUSHING shorts.

extremely tired today -- wasn't physically able to concentrate.  

Look at the fib touch low of the day.  

/es 50% retrace and rainbow to highs - classic

Sometimes it's just that easy.

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