Friday, January 4, 2013

Fri: Hindsite Perfection

Today's trading featured an ADVN-DECN reading over +1600 which means bulls are not just in control, they are in a feeding frenzy.

As I am posting the /tf is selling off fast AH -- tricky tricky.  But opex days are so rarely trend up bonkers so not surprised to see this sneaky selling here.  Nonetheless, the money was made on the long side today.  Although if you decided to get contra and short the TL break near the end of day - you caught a really nice move.

Here's what a perfect day for me might have looked like in /tf

/tf: strong leaders = buy dips, exit at previous resistance areas

Super perfection, as I mentioned, would have meant getting short end of day -- and assuming IWM would drop back to 87.  (It did.)  So knowing there's a likely pin, you could bang out another 30-40 ticks on the dark side. 

Have a good weekend and keep working on the game.

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