Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tues Jan 8 Hindsite /tf

Well another tricky day that looked like Trend Down but ended up grinding all the way back, providing a lot of smaller moves on the way back.

The  $advn-$decn got to -800 before turning for good, almost back to ZERO at the close.  It appears to me a perfect day would have netted around 90 ticks or so.  Once again, there was no need to anticipate.  You could have made all your money entering AFTER confirmation of a trend break occurred.  I actually caught two of the shorts in the afternoon for about 25 ticks -- so even though the trend was up, there were a few 15 tick drops to gather. 

So in case it's not obvious enough, I am looking to go with the flow and catch trending moves intraday.

Here's the day in a chart:

/tf Jan 8, 2013 drop and rainbow-type day

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