Monday, January 28, 2013

Mon 1/28

goal:  find a winner -- and let it run or stop out without interfering.  But mainly - allow it to stay on.

/es touches 1500

/gc down

/cl  up .7%  -- breakout of pennant on 15 min. chart.

remember to check higher TF for major TLs...

/tf grinding higher -- way above   15 min. TL

AD   near zero.   slow here.


CSTR, DWA, GTLS strong.

aapl  strong bounce.

AD  -320          /tf  902 -- 5 min sup TL.

NVDA --  call buyers -- holding up  above  10/20 ma  daily.   bot.

ad  -600

AAPL +2%  bounce.

ad  -780

bad data --    /tf  hits TL  5 min ch.  and b/d

ad  -900   crash....

/gc -- b/o  !!!!

-1100  AD  --  way too strong...      careful up here.

FSLR touches 50 day MA --   this is major support.

GSVC -- back over 10/20 --      fb/znga strong. 

GG  shrugs off weakness -- gets green...

AD  -990 --    looking for divergence intraday or grind down.

$Vix--  big jump, reclaims 10 day MA -- upswing? 

11:30 euro close -- often a move -- rally here-  /tf back to 903.5

AD  -542 -- still climbing back - no divergence -

AD  -500
/tf  904+    no divergence

cstr, gtls - continue     strength  over 20 day MA daily...   and DWA.

Remember - when daily chart is bearish -- bulls must PROVE it.  Burden of proof for a new swing up.

5/34 xover is still valid --   corresponds with 5 min TL breaks...

/tf -- hits new highs -- double top

AD  - 400  -- seems divergent to be at highs and green.

-400 AD and $vix 5%  and  /tf is up .24% to new highs...     What does it do up an actual strong day????

AD  -500    /tf  stil 905   wow --  BURDEN OF PROOF.

Chart did not signal a sell.

-500 ad  and /tf  dips for a sec under 905. 

AAPL 2.7%
but momo   ddd, rimm, amzn, pcln, nflx red.  

sold INVN   15.20  (half)  -- looking to rebuy maybe .50 lower.

TEVA -- reversing off low -- will wait until above 20 day --  Follow the Rules.   That's the hard part.

AD  -600 - and /tf curls over ---  903....

Well.  My edge comes from Discipline.  NO discipline means, no results -- in anything.  So if you need to remember anything.  Discipline first.  Everything else is worthless if discipline fails.

2:37 Context

TICK weak,   AD  -300  as /tf  double tops

short  906.4 --  weak TICK,  AD -300 ,  uvol-dvol  weak.  

-3 ticks -- cleared up -- immediately covered.

tick -500

znga, rsh, shld, gluu --   these winners are saying something...        trash.

TICK picks up -- -possible ramp

/tf in a zipper.

/tf b/d  but  AD improves -- can it drop more?

Was reading about a pro trader who discusses CONTEXT.  Having a contextual understanding of the markets beats all the little indicators and doo-dads.  Must understand context, as a chess pro understand a board -- to have any chance of winning.  Focusing on a pattern is pointless if you don't know the context.  

In a powerful, grinding uptrend... /tf moving up despite weak internals...  and strong $vix -- must really pick spots -- triple tops at new highs -- dips are covered.

/tf  close 905.5 

YHOO, STX beat.

/tf: another dip and entry on TL break

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