Monday, January 7, 2013

Mon: Hindsite Chart /tf

Inside day action.  Perhaps the most difficult kind of day to trade but once you recognize it's going to be a choppy range day -- you adjust. 

But in fact, you didn't even need to be a responsive trader.  You could have waited for the clean TL break 3 times -- and caught a total of 50 - 60 ticks while risking 8 ticks on the 3 main entries I found on /tf.

I use a 5 and 34 period MA because often (but not always) the entry point occurs when these MAs crossover.  It's helpful but not necessary.

Study.  It may help you, it definitely helps me.  And I did in fact, get the 2nd trade entry realtime for 15 ticks - posted realtime on Stocktwits.  I just missed the other entries.  Next time I'll get 'em.

/tf choppy day but still good profits in hindsite

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