Friday, January 4, 2013

Fri 4th

NFP data sends /tf up   .18%

Fri -- opex pinning action.

Some mixed action premarket.

Gold was really crushed overnight on QE ending fear.  Opportunity here... but too early?

Today is my least favorite day to trade.   Have to play smallball usually.  Few opportunities and small reward for your efforts. 

LNG strong.

nat gas strong   (inventory data today: 10:30)

aapl:   536   -1%

mostly strong premarket though.   ASPS, DDD, LNG, FB up.

advn-decn  +1200  no rush to get short here.... POWER!

got .60 buying the CSTR dip on CEO retirement...    I'll take it.

advn +1300  powerful.---

/tf 875.6  --  tried shorting too early 2x.  Small losses -- papertrading.

/tf  877 -- takes out ystdy  highs  on 1400+ advn-decn.

1444  advn-decn  - POWER    /tf 877.60

12:14  -- divergence -- advn-decn dropping  --  /tf  still elevated...

tried TZA for small gain...  market too strong -- may chop until 3 now.   too much rage to drop.

No catalyst for sellers to take control.

-- out afternoon

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