Tuesday, January 29, 2013


More grind upward.

I was watching internals today and realized it was mostly strong...

/tf 904 was the opening print and it crossed several times.

The real opportunity was at 3 pm when the inevitable push to try to take out yesterday's high took place and succeeded by 2 ticks.

/ES was much stronger all day -- clearly there's money rotating into this area.

Basic materials, refineries (on fire), and financials are so strong.  This is where the money is flowing.

Big caps like JNJ, PG, MCD are practically vertical, along with AMZN   ah.  Never seen BIG so much the rage.  MMM too -- it's huge.

/tf chop until 3 pm algos take out highs. 
I bought some CLH on breakout - closed near highs.

But really - this is going to keep grinding until it breaks.  Can't stop the ragefest.  Follow the charts.  Everything else is noise.

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