Friday, January 11, 2013

Fri: /tf OPEX - get 'er done (early)

Friday OPEX afternoons are often dreadfully boring so if you want to make some money trading /tf on Fridays - do it early.

I caught part of two shorts today -- very clear to me and will now quit for the day.

The ADVN-DECN quickly dropped to negative even as /tf was hovering near the highs -- a massive screaming divergence.  The second trade was an early entry off a triple top but you could have entered lower at the TL break for a smaller gain -- but more confidence in getting the move with no heat.

Here's the first half of the day in /tf -- pretty good gains for half a day.  I actually missed the first one but ended up +38 ticks.

Enjoy the weekend.

/tf Weak ADVN-DECN leads to short runs

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