Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wed 16 notes

today's goal:  Focus on the process, ignore the results.

weak premarket, gold, /cl down

/tf  -.49%  to 877.5

GS up on ER.
AAPL 490  (downgraded but  up 1.5%)
there waas positive mortgage news.

/zb just spiked higher.

/tf  - retraced to 50% fib from ystdy low print to high 870 - 883.50   - now 877.

basically the 9:30 open is designed to screw as many people as possible -- the first 5 min. move usually a fake... so see what they do today --   big spike up = short probably.

short /tf at open on -1100 advn-decn --  9t stop.  Very powerful Market Signals on sell.

/tf - stopped +2 ticks -- might have been too tight.

/tf - slaps down -then rips to highs --  stophunt action   gap fill.

short 880.2 - TL break   9t stop.

/tf much worse than /es -- risk off.

-110 advn-decn    market going to work out of the hole again - and bear trap?

stopped out of /tf -- but slightly green.

PENNANT --  formation --     VPOC formed.... we wait....

short /tf  878.8 10t stop.

perfect  3 bump in /gc
on slow days --   REMINDER -- look at other markets   you won't miss anything and may just find what you're looking for.

short /tf on double top + TL break.    advn-decn still  -500

11:52   5/34 bearish xover...     H/S pattern on IWM on 2 day chart.

advn-decn  worsening as /tf  rolls over -- stay with it.   lower stop.


DECK -- triple bottom then 1.20 move --- always the same pattern before the big move.

vix at lows but advn-decn negative all day.

AAPL   +22 to 508...   yesterday was impossible to get long... all sellers, today -- just straight up.

advn   -173 --  just grinding grinding...     low vol.   Err'y day it's shufflin'.

/tf -- grinds to a .02% gain...  whew

I notice you could have bought several 5/34 xovers all day and made pocket change 3 or 4 times on /tf

/tf - short  5/34 xover  8t stop  at 3:24.

/tf - finally some selling  879.50  would be the TREND LINE intraday.

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