Friday, January 11, 2013

Fri notes:

Fri opex action.

IWM will likely pin at 88 or 87 --  I feel like 87 is more likely but opinions don't matter.

paper short /tf at 877.9 on TL break.  

TASR, LNKD, DECK strong premarket.

AMZN, AAPL, GS, red.

EWG, EWP -- still raging forward -- it takes balls to stick with these -- nosebleed levels.
/gc and /cl red.

notice  /tf  weaker relative strength than /es  --- take note.  But that could also change up midday.

/tf now stronger than /es --   but market weak.    So flipper flopppedy...  choppedy.

-108  advn-decn ---   weak....

-500  advn-decn.

Had /tf  nailed for 30 ticks -- dumb.

opex Fri -- if IWM pins at 87  then buy the dip here is a fail... 

nat gas names getting hammered. coal even worse.   /cl down hard. 

caught  20 ticks  on /tf --  entered on triple bump  --- great read -- and perfect entry -- bounced as soon as I exited at the support level (IWM 87). 

really well done on that one at least. 

-451 advn-decn  means not much upside -- won't be around last hour for a rip... only chance.

slow day - you can trade responsively at top / bottom of ranges...

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