Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jan 3.

softer premarket

/tf  870

FibLevels drawn -- first  38% fib target is:  863.60

867.40  is 28% fib -- this is also in a Value Area -- so that's 25 ticks that's very likely.

872     adp data bump

advn-decn:  negative....  should see p/b????

advn-decn -101 -- light rebound --  RANGEBOUND --- probably...

DECK strong.
FSLR strong.

INVN -- strong with option buyers.

RANGE day. 

yes -- hit o/n low -- back to  premarket high --    3 point range /tf  --   easy to see.

advn  +488

/tf  873.2 -- testing  all time high again. 

nat gas stocks strong.

/tf --  BREAKOUT   874

advn-decn +700     no fighting it.

short /tf  on  1 min  gravestone doji   9t stop.

Mini triple bottom pattern was good again (see chart)

tf:  rips after triple bottom pattern intraday


/tf   875   on +9000 advn-decn -- runaway.

advn +1000

LXK  +7%   wow.

advn  974  -- slight profittaking.

advn +1000

/tf  triple topping to 876...

IYT - transports on fire...     with XHB -- great combo for bulls.

+1100 advn.   easy to see why keeps going....   big money buying.

sharp reversal

advn 500   Fed notes reversed action.  
/tf  FULL RAINBOW  to  9:45 am  low....    perfect technicals in play.

going to start filling the gap from 1st day of Jan.

50% target is 863...


 3 big winners today - and I live TEVA too.   Also green.

advn-decn:  +171       still not horrible  but  /tf  -.5%

Had to be patient to really profit today.

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